Kroger Care Gift Card Program

Kroger Gift Cards

The Kroger gift card is essentially a pre-paid debit card you can buy in any denomination.  A card can be purchased for any amount up to $500 and can be used indefinitely.  Should you want to add value to your card, you can recharge or "reload" the value of the card up to $500 at any time at any Kroger store.  The bearer of the card will be responsible for reloading  their card by telling the cashier  or customer service clerk that they would like to add money to their gift card, and then paying for that amount.

   Did you know that you can support the Abel Center with each purchase you make at any Kroger store?  

Your Kroger gift card is easy to order

~ Call the Abel Center at 304.325.2000 to tell us the amount of money you want to load onto your Kroger gift card

~ The Abel Center will then call the Kroger Gift Services Department to order your gift card loaded with the requested amount of money

~ We will then call you to let you know the day that your card will arrive at the customer service desk at the Kroger store where you shop

~ You will then go to the Kroger store on the day it is to arrive, pay the clerk at customer service the amount of money loaded onto your gift card, and then pick up your card.  You are now able to use your gift card just like cash when you check out with your groceries.


Here's how the Abel Center benefits from the Kroger Gift Card Program

The numbers on each purchased gift card is linked to the Abel Center, and any money reloaded on those cards are credited to the Abel Center's account.  When card purchases and "reloads" to the Abel Center account reach $5,000 or above, the Abel Center will receive a 5% credit on its account balance.  A check will be issued to the Abel Center for this amount and then the Abel Center's account balance will reset to zero.  Every four week cycle Kroger sends the Abel Center a statement of activity that shows the current balance.  If during a that cycle, the Abel Center account reaches $5680, the Abel Center will receive a check for $284 and the account will then resets to zero.

For information on Kroger's charitable giving to the community, go to .  At the bottom of the page under company, click on community.


Call or e-mail the Abel Center with your Kroger Care Gift order today...

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